English as a Second Language

Talk**Write**Learn Videos now Online

Talk*Write**Learn is a dynamic lesson model that engages students with academic conversation and writing skills within the same lesson.

First Grade: Birds in Their Habitats (What’s for Lunch?)

High School ELL: The Zoot Suit Riots

LDO offers Sheltered Instruction training, modeling and coaching throughout the Pacific Northwest, and other regions by request. Visit our Course Catalog to see a current listing of our available trainings and classes.


“An ethical education is dedicated not only to developing the whole person, but also to challenging each person to contribute to society by tending to the common good and a sense of social justice that is focused on the poor, the vulnerable, and the marginalized.” Dr. Charles Salina


Language Development Opportunities offers courses to help teachers hone their craft with English Language Learners from developing programs and instructional strategies to fostering an environment to help increase student learning.


LDO offers program design, training, coaching and lesson modeling to help school leadership connect with their staff and transform their schools into effective and fun places to learn.

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